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Teletext feat.

On the 1st of May 2021, Teletext will organize Een nyeu liedeken, a one-day festival hosted by De Roma in Antwerp. In collaboration with artists, thinkers and inhabitants of Antwerp, we will critically discuss and redesign the role of folk music in today’s urban context.

What can we learn from the folk songs that were sung on these grounds? What place could this cultural heritage hold in our super diverse cities? How should old folk songs be transformed in order to speak for all of us?

We are looking for 3 artists who are eager to relate to these questions through their own art discipline and frame of reference. Do you want to put a 16th-century melody on beats? Rewrite 19th-century comic songs into cunning cabaret? Do you want to investigate political ideologies behind murder ballads? Or do you have another idea that has to do with updating folk songs from Antwerp? Then we are looking for you.

        You will create a performance of max. 30 minutes and present it on festival Een nyeu liedeken at De Roma. We offer you a budget of €1.000,-, 2 weeks of rehearsal space at deFENIKS (Mortsel) and dramaturgical support.
        You are free in discipline (text, theater, dance, music, drag, spoken word, DJ, film, other), genre and language. The performance doesn’t have to be in Dutch.
            Knowledge of cultural heritage or folk music is not required, nor do you need to be experienced. We are there to help in any way we can. In exchange, we ask you to keep in touch with us about the creation process.

We strongly encourage experiment and radically untraditional ideas.

Tell us about your plans in a text of max. 750 words or in a video of max. 4 minutes. Introduce yourself, tell us what you want to do and why you want to do it. Send your idea to by September 25th 2020 at the latest. After an initial selection, interviews will take place in the week of October 12th 2020. The final decision will be announced before the 1st of november.



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